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Intercept X for Server – now with EDR

We’re excited to announce the launch of Intercept X Advanced for Server with EDR, bringing the power of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to Intercept X for Server. EDR gives you the ability to proactively hunt down evasive threats across your server estates (and endpoints with Intercept X Advanced with EDR), understand the scope and […]

Worms deliver cryptomining malware to web servers

By Vikas Singh and Andrew Brandt Any system that serves data to the public internet lives on the edge, figuratively and literally. Whether it’s an IoT device or an enterprise-grade server, you can guarantee it will be hit with a nonstop barrage of attacks the minute you allow the world to reach it. We discovered […]

The aftermath of a data breach: A personal story

Criminals used my account to launder credit card transactions into cash, at least where the company transacted with was willing to refund Last week I received a notification from Bank of America advising that my credit card may have been part of a compromise at an undisclosed merchant. The email does mention that there may […]

A dive into Turla PowerShell usage

ESET researchers analyze new TTPs attributed to the Turla group that leverage PowerShell to run malware in-memory only Turla, also known as Snake, is an infamous espionage group recognized for its complex malware. To confound detection, its operators recently started using PowerShell scripts that provide direct, in-memory loading and execution of malware executables and libraries. […]