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Everything is bigger in Texas, including ransomware attacks

Texas is big. Really big. With 29 million residents it’s the second largest state in America, has a land mass twice the size of Germany, and a GDP larger than Russia. Texans like to say, “everything is bigger in Texas”, and usually that is a good thing. However, this time bigger isn’t better. News hit […]

Education and privacy legislation at ChannelCon

As education is becoming an increasingly vital tool in companies’ security toolboxes, the question arises: How can they effectively implement security awareness training? If you had told me a few weeks ago that many business leaders were unaware of a major piece of privacy legislation that’s set to go into effect in a few months, […]

Ransomware wave hits 23 towns in Texas

The attack, which has victimized mostly smaller local governments, is thought to have been unleashed by a single threat actor As many as 23 government organizations across Texas are reeling from an apparently “coordinated ransomware attack”, an alert by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) reveals. The incident occurred last Friday and for the […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Share This week, ESET researchers described an ongoing campaign that targets accountants in the Balkans and spreads both a backdoor and a remote access trojan ESET researchers detail an ongoing campaign that targets businesses in the Balkans and spreads both a backdoor and a remote access trojan. ESET security specialist Jake Moore ponders whether the […]

AI: Artificial Ignorance

Does true Artificial Intelligence even exist yet? Will it ever exist or will it end the world before we reach its full capacity? The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a media frenzy and if we aren’t careful, we will ruin the name before it has had a chance to really prove itself due […]