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CVE-2020-0601 Q&A

This past Tuesday, Microsoft released its normal, monthly updates to Windows and other Microsoft products. Among the fixes included in this month’s release was one that resolves a security vulnerability in Windows, known variously as CVE-2020-0601, Chain of Fools and Curveball. To address the many questions we’ve received over the past week, we’ve done a […]

Dating apps share personal data with advertisers, study says

Some of the most popular dating services may be violating GDPR or other privacy laws Unbeknownst to their users, several popular dating apps, including Tinder, OkCupid and Grindr, share detailed personal data on their users with third parties for advertising purposes, a study conducted by the Norwegian Consumer Council has found. The details spanned the […]

3 ways to browse the web anonymously

Are you looking to hide in plain sight? Here’s a rundown of three options for becoming invisible online As concern about internet privacy grows and grows, more and more people are actively seeking to browse the web anonymously. There are various ways to avoid being identified or tracked on the internet, although, in fact, “attempt […]

New Internet Explorer zero‑day remains unpatched

You may want to implement a workaround or stop using the browser altogether, at least until Microsoft issues a a fix Microsoft has released a security advisory alerting users to an as-yet unpatched vulnerability in its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser that is being exploited in limited targeted attacks. The zero-day, which is tracked as […]

Don’t let imposters into your inbox

Phishing emails impersonating well-known brands and VIPs within an organization are a big problem for security teams to deal with. So, we’re excited to announce that you’ll now be able to detect and block these impersonation attacks with Sophos Email Advanced. Email impersonation phishing attacks in action In our latest study, we found that five […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Share Microsoft plugs a serious hole in Windows – Your options after Windows 7 end of life – iPhones as security keys for Google accounts Microsoft has released a security patch to address a severe Windows vulnerability discovered and reported by the United States’ National Security Agency. Also this week, Microsoft ended support for Windows […]