Russian hacker receives the longest sentence ever handed down for hacking-related charges in the United States. The post US court hits Russian PoS hacker with record 27 year jail sentence appeared first on WeLiveSecurity [...]
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A new report suggests young cybercriminals are often motivated by the possibility of notoriety, rather than financial gain. The post Young cybercriminals ‘more motivated by peer respect than financial gain' appeared first on WeLiveSecurity [...]
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Ransomware has been on the computer security radar for some time now but are you aware that it's increasingly targeting servers? Servers are the treasure trove of an organization's data and the applications that access it. As senior vice president and general manager of Sophos' Enduser and Network Security Groups Dan Schiappa explains, “Servers are […] [...]
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Nearly half of all UK businesses have experienced a cybersecurity incident over the last 12 months, according to a new government paper. The post Nearly half of UK businesses experienced a cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months appeared first on WeLiveSecurity [...]
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The InterContinental Hotels Group says the implementation of its SPS system helped to minimize the damage caused by a recent data breach. The post InterContinental Hotels Group reveals ‘how it minimized recent malware attack' appeared first on WeLiveSecurity [...]
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