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Synchronized Security awarded Best Threat Intelligence Technology

Cybersecurity isn’t getting any easier. To better understand the day-to-day reality for IT teams we recently commissioned a survey of 3,100 IT managers in 12 countries. This independent, vendor-agnostic study revealed a number of common challenges: Security: 68% of organizations had experienced a threat that got through their defenses in the last year, 90% of […]

Critical bug found in popular mail server software

If exploited, the security hole in Exim could allow attackers to run arbitrary commands on vulnerable mail servers Exim, the popular mail transfer agent (MTA) software, contains a critical-rated vulnerability that can, in some scenarios, enable remote attackers to run commands of their choice on unpatched mail servers, researchers from Qualys have found. Tracked under […]

La actualizacion de junio de Android corrige ocho vulnerabilidades criticas

Sin que la mayoria de usuarios lo sepan, se supone que los dispositivos que ejecutan versiones compatibles de Android, reciben pequenas actualizaciones cada mes, principalmente de seguridad. Desafortunadamente, como senalamos en mayo, cuando y si esto realmente sucede es una cuestion del interes que tenga el fabricante de cada dispositivo. Las actualizaciones para los telefonos […]

NSA joins chorus urging Windows users to patch ‘BlueKeep’

The alert comes on the heels of Microsoft’s second advisory calling on people to take action before it’s too late The United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) has issued a rare alert urging Windows users and administrators to waste no time in patching the critical ‘BlueKeep’ security flaw in older Windows systems. “This is the […]