Configuring protection for Sophos Endpoint and Server Protection

Ensuring that your endpoint and server protection is correctly configured is one of the most important things you can do for your organization’s security. This article will give you some quick tips and links to resources so you can get the most out of your Sophos protection. Getting started In Sophos Central policies are used […]

Work from home: Securing RDP and remote access

As work from home is the new norm in the coronavirus era, you’re probably thinking of enabling remote desktop connections for your off-site staff. Here’s how to do it securely. Accessing your servers’ or workstations’ desktops remotely is a great way to manage them. It’s also a huge target for hackers. For example, if hackers […]

Coronavirus scams: what to look for and how to stop them

Hackers are busy exploiting coronavirus in their attacks. In recent weeks SophosLabs has seen a surge of COVID- and Corona-related domains registered – while some will be legitimate, it’s a fair bet that the majority are destined for criminal purposes. Common attack techniques Phishing attacks using COVID-19 as a lure are the most visible and […]

Marriott hacked again, 5.2 million guests affected

Bad actors accessed a range of personally identifiable information, including names, dates of birth and a lot more For the second time within two years, hotel giant Marriott has disclosed that it has suffered a data breach. The new incident has affected 5.2 million of its guests, compromising a range of their personal information, including […]

Protecting your company during COVID-19: guidance for CIOs and CISOs

Cyberattackers are resourceful and opportunistic. They will move quickly to take advantage of a situation. COVID-19 is no different. There is a huge amount of global uncertainty and change right now which criminals are seeking to capitalize on. The risks are amplified by the immediate and unforeseen IT challenges that companies are having ensuring their […]

Coronavirus con artists continue to spread infections of their own

The scam machine shows no signs of slowing down, as fraudsters dispense bogus health advice, peddle fake testing kits and issue malware-laced purchase orders With the COVID-19 pandemic surging outside, people are hunkering down inside their houses. Companies are shifting to remote work and urging their employees to work from home while cities, even whole countries, are […]