FBI shuts down website selling billions of stolen records

A subscription to the trove of personal details could be had for as little as $2 Share A subscription to the trove of personal details could be had for as little as $2 US law enforcement has seized the WeLeakInfo.com domain name for peddling personal data stolen in data breaches. The shadowy website offered a […]

You can now turn your iPhone into a Google security key

And it doesn’t require much more than downloading a dedicated app Last year, Google made it possible for most Android users to use their phone as a physical security key for their Google accounts. Fast forward a few months and most iPhone users receive the same option. According to Google’s blog post yesterday, the feature […]

Cyberawareness in Australia: The good and the bad

An ESET-commissioned survey sheds light on the browsing habits of Australians and how they protect themselves online Australia is a highly interconnected country with nine in ten inhabitants being internet users, most of which use the internet every day. What do they know about cybersecurity and how do they approach it, though? A recent survey […]

Google to end support for third‑party cookies in Chrome

The company will also soon launch anti-fingerprinting measures aimed at detecting and mitigating covert tracking and workarounds Google has announced plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser within the next two years. The company is joining the ranks of Mozilla and Apple that, also in a bid to improve […]

Applying Threat Intelligence to Iranian Cyberattack Risk

With geopolitical events changing daily, discussions and questions about threat intelligence and strategies for defending against possible cyberattacks from Iran are front and center. Security operations teams also face increased pressure to provide answers and reassurance to customers and their organization’s senior leadership that “yes, we’re covered.” But, how does anyone validate this kind of […]

Compiling Open Source Threat Intelligence for Threat Hunts

In addition to normal tradecraft adaptations, any time a change in the geopolitical landscape takes place, cyberattack campaigns and adversary behaviors typically shift as well. The recent events with Iran and the United States offer a relevant use case for organizations and have highlighted the benefit of having a threat intelligence driven hunting process. The […]