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The working landscape has changed, almost beyond recognition. Working remotely is now commonplace, and data commonly resides in the public cloud and within software-as-a-service applications.

The traditional perimeter security model is obsolete and it’s time for a change. Enter zero-trust network access as a new cybersecurity philosophy that removes implied trust and instead allows only appropriately authenticated users on suitable devices to access only the applications they need.

Join our masterclass series to learn more about the future of cybersecurity in an increasingly decentralized world and discover how easy it is to implement secure remote working with Sophos ZTNA and supporting technologies.

ZTNA Masterclass Schedule

March 8 – 9, 2022 | 14:00 – 15:00 GMT

Attendees will only have to register once for the series.

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ZTNA Masterclass Session
This session will cover the following key points:
Session 1 – Introduction to ZTNA

Secure remote access challenges in the context of reporting and compliance
Introduction to zero trust concepts
The changing mindset in IT
Sophos value date with infrastructure portfolio
Comparison of ZTNA vs. web application firewall vs. remote access VPN
Demo from the user’s point of view

Session 2 – Technology behind ZTNA

How Sophos ZTNA works
Installation and provisioning in Sophos Central
Integration with Sophos Intercept X
Agent vs. agentless

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Improve remote access with Sophos ZTNA. Enable your remote workers to connect securely to the applications, data, and systems they need to do their jobs. Read about Sophos ZNTA and the Top Six Advantages of ZTNA or start a free trial today.

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