The Sophos ZTNA early access program is now underway

Today, the product team is pleased to announce the start of the early access program (EAP) for Sophos Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

ZTNA is our new Sophos Central, cloud-delivered, cloud-managed product that makes it easy to securely connect users to applications. ZTNA provides a great alternative to remote access VPN, offering greater control, better security, and easier management.

This first phase of the early access program offers clientless access to browser-based applications such as Wikis, Jira, CRM, support systems and more. It includes support for Azure Active Directory for identity and a VMware ESXi virtual gateway for protecting on-premise web-based applications.

The next phase of the EAP will bring additional functionality, including Windows client support with integrated deployment alongside Intercept X, Synchronized Security for device health, additional identity providers, and a gateway for AWS.

If you have any questions about Sophos ZTNA: what it is, what the benefits are, and how it compares to other technologies, be sure to check our extensive FAQ.

How to get started

Please head over to to register and get started today.

After registering, you can then log in to your Sophos Central account and join the early access program for Sophos ZTNA. This can be accessed via the upper-right menu under your account login name.

Full release notes are available on the forums and documentation is available in Sophos Central via the “Help” menu in the upper-right corner of the console.

Then head over to the community forums to share your feedback and discuss the product with the rest of the ZTNA community.

If you encounter any issues (or aspects you love), please use the integrated feedback tool in the product to log them. Please leave as much detail as possible as it helps the engineering team troubleshoot and correct issues.

Again, please visit to get started. Thank you for your support and for helping make this new product release the best it can be!

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