Sophos TechVids: Discover our extensive library of support videos

Last year, we launched our new Sophos Techvids video hub. There, you can access an extensive video library of a 133 (and counting!) how-to, configuration, and troubleshooting videos.

Almost 50,000 unique viewers have made their way since we launched the platform, making it a huge success. It’s a fantastic support resource for getting immediate help.

Drill down into the videos by product, or watch our popular active malware remediation self-help videos.

Top videos include:

No one likes to spend a lot of time searching for help. Our TechVids are 100% information, are support focused, and even enable you to easily skip ahead to the section that’s most relevant to you by clicking the interactive navigation within the video.

Check out https://techvids.sophos.com to explore this helpful offering.

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