Sophos Partners with Cowbell

I’m thrilled to share that today Sophos has announced a partnership with Cowbell, a leading provider of cyber risk insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States.

Sophos and Cowbell share a common goal: to reduce the impact of cyberthreats for the organizations that we serve. Our partnership enables us to accelerate delivery of that mission via multiple layers of collaboration.

Recognizing and Rewarding Strong Cyber Defenses

Sophos research has revealed that cyber insurance can be a positive force in the drive to elevate cyber defenses: 64% of U.S. organizations implemented new technologies and/or services to improve their insurance position in the last year, and 57% increasing staff training.

Customers running Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Security will be able to ‘opt in’ to sharing their endpoint security health status from the Sophos Central platform with Cowbell using a new data connector, which will become generally available in April. This real-time data sharing will enable Cowbell to recognize the quality of Sophos customers’ defenses as part of their dynamic risk assessment process. It will also facilitate the provision of real-time best practices feedback and advice on how organizations can improve their risk profile, if needed. Recognizing their commitment to strong cyber defenses, customers that share their Sophos security health data can optimize their Cowbell Prime 250’s cyber insurance premium.

Facilitating Access to Insurance Coverage

As attacks continue to increase in volume and complexity, 95% of U.S. small and mid-sized organizations found their experience of securing cyber insurance coverage changed over the last year, according to our study. Over half (52%) report that they need a higher level of cybersecurity to qualify for coverage, while 44% say policies are now more complex, and 37% have found that fewer insurance providers are offering them coverage.

In light of these challenges, Sophos is delighted to support Cowbell in their effort to make high quality cyber insurance accessible to SMEs in the United States. Cowbell, together with their agency partner iBynd, enables organizations to get a cyber insurance quote and secure instant coverage via a simple, online form.

Reducing Cyber Risk with Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The best way to minimize the frequency and severity of ransomware incidents or data breaches is with 24×7 eyes-on-glass delivered by expert security operations professionals. Sophos Managed Detection and Response is the world’s leading MDR service. A team of Sophos experts monitor our customers’ environments around the clock, stopping even the most sophisticated attacks.

Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to detect and neutralize threats faster than anyone else. In fact, Sophos MDR customers benefit from an average threat response time of just 38 minutes to detect, investigate and remediate, considerably faster than other security providers and more than five times quicker than even the quickest in-house teams. Cowbell policyholders can now explore Sophos MDR via Cowbell Rx, Cowbell’s vendor marketplace, making it easy for them to elevate their cyber defenses while meeting many of the controls that assist with securing cyber coverage.

More to Come

Sophos’ partnership with Cowbell is a further step in our journey to support our customers in the efforts to mitigate cyber risk, and there is much more to come.

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