Preparing for the worst: Strategies for resilience pre & post malware and ransom…

Learn how to prepare for malware and ransomware attacks through cyber awareness training, cross-collaboration and best practices in incident response.

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By: Doug Witschi, Ben Dungworth


Even the most vigilant organizations can become targets of sophisticated cyber adversaries. Malware and ransomware attacks not only pose significant financial and reputational risks but are increasingly prevalent, with Gartner estimating the average cost of a ransomware attack to businesses at around US$150,000. As organizations grapple with the aftermath of such attacks, a critical question emerges: How can they effectively respond, minimize damage, and fortify their defenses against future threats? 

Watch this insightful session featuring Doug Witschi, a seasoned former Interpol cybercrime threat response expert, as we delve into the strategies for managing the repercussions of malware and ransomware attacks. Doug discusses the importance of global collaboration, effective detection controls for suspicious behavior, and proactive measures to safeguard employees – often the primary targets of cyber adversaries. 


Strategic Response to Malware and Ransomware Attacks: Gain insights into recognizing and responding promptly to malware and ransomware incidents. Explore methods to minimize damage and restore normal operations swiftly.
The Power of Global Collaboration: Discover the advantages of global collaboration in the ongoing battle against cyber threats. Explore how organizations can unite to strengthen their collective defenses and share intelligence.
The Human Firewall: Recognize the pivotal role employees play in cybersecurity. Learn effective strategies to educate and empower them as active participants in preventing cyberattacks, turning them into a resilient human firewall.
Global Implications of Cyber Threats: Understand the far-reaching nature of cyber threats and their implications for organizations operating across diverse jurisdictions. Gain insights into the global landscape of cyber risks and how to navigate them effectively.





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