Over 70 Military Veterans Assisted by Royal British Legion Following Sophos Donation

The Royal British Legion has been able to assist 72 military veterans and their families with improved access to the internet and online services following a £25,000 (USD30,000) donation from Sophos.

Lacking access to the internet can cause significant difficulty to people attempting to claim benefits, study, work and socialise and the Covid 19 pandemic further illustrated the isolation that lacking access to a connected device can bring.

The Royal British Legion’s Digital Access Program helps the armed forces community in the UK by providing devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets; providing pay as you go routers and SIM cards to allow people to get online; and training to ensure recipients can make the most of the equipment.

The contribution from Sophos helped fund around a quarter of the grants given over the last year helping to provide vulnerable military veterans with the digital means to stay connected and access vital services.

As well as the donation to the Royal British Legion in the UK last year, Sophos also provided a USD25,000 donation to Wounded Warriors who provide mental health, career counselling, and long-term rehabilitative care, to wounded service members returning home from conflicts.

This initiative was led by our Military Veterans Network. You can find out more about Sophos’ diversity and inclusion networks on our careers website.

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