Network Assessment

A Network Assessment is a comprehensive examination and documentation of the existing IT infrastructure that accurately details how well the computer network is meeting the business needs of the company.

What are the benefits of having a Network Assessment?

  • A Network Assessment is one of the most important features of Total Tech’s IT services. It will give IT management a clear understanding as to whether the current network design, architecture and network performance is meeting business requirements and needs.
  • A Network Assessment will provide sound recommendations on how to overcome network issues and present a clear plan for moving forward with the right IT Solutions & Services.
  • Above all, your company will benefit from having a recorded, in-depth analysis of the existing network design for improved management and future maintenance of your network.

Network Design Documentation

Network Design Documentation is a detailed recording of the existing logical and physical network and provides a roadmap for the entire system.

What are the benefits of Network Design Documentation?

  • Provides you with a means for quickly isolating problems by identifying potential trouble areas within the network.
  • Serves as an excellent reference guide that helps in the decision making process for network management, changes and implementations.
  • Helps provide a consistent level of IT service by outlining procedures that will help others troubleshoot more quickly and effectively every time.
  • Helps identify processes (e.g. how traffic flows in the network) and determine if and where improvement is required.
  • A Network document is an exceptional training tool for new IT staffing in helping them understand the company network and what is currently in place.

A complete Network Assessment would benefit your business by providing a current overview about your IT infrastructure and giving you the knowledge to making better technology decisions now and in the future.