Mental Health Awareness Month at Sophos

Mental Health Awareness is recognized in May in several countries, although mental wellbeing is something we should all be aware of year-round.

Mental wellbeing is an important part of our overall health; it strengthens our ability to enjoy life, maintain good relationships, and confront stress. However, mental health can also shift over time. We as individuals, as well as our significant others, children, families, and friends, can all experience difficult times in our lives. It is important to not only be able to recognize when someone we care about may be facing a challenging time, but also feel empowered to respond with appropriate support.

This May, we are giving all Sophos employees another wellbeing days off work, so they can relax and recharge, and focus on what is important in their life.

We are also offering resources that can help our Sophos team to identify signs of shifting mental health in loved ones and tools available to help, including the following webinars:

Mental Health First Aid: Recognize and Respond
Parenting Your Teen: At-Risk Behavior
Managing Fear and Anxiety in Children
Switch to Being More Present: digitally disconnecting to spend quality time with those around you
Calm’s May Mindful Mondays Challenge

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