Introducing the Sophos AP6 Series of Cloud-Managed Wireless Access Points

As organizations continue the shift towards hybrid work environments, the need for robust, scalable, and remotely managed Wi-Fi solutions has never been greater. That’s why I’m pleased to introduce the Sophos AP6 Series – a new generation of remotely managed Wi-Fi 6/6E access points that add another component to Sophos’ secure access portfolio, which includes Sophos Firewall and Sophos Switch.

Leveraging Wi-Fi 6/6E for Superior Network Security and Performance

Wi-Fi 6 is an industry standard designed to improve wireless security, performance, and overall network experience. The AP6 Series of access points enable organizations to take advantage of these enhancements while providing the flexibility and scalability they need to support their business.

Better Performance: Particularly in high-density environments, Wi-Fi 6 provides better throughput-per-area which results in faster speeds and lower latency for every user.
Enhanced Security: WPA3 replaces some of the weak spots of its predecessors, such as the Pre-Shared Key (PSK), for a more secure initial key exchange. It also mandates the 192-bit cryptographic strength in WPA3 Enterprise mode for better overall security.
New 6 GHz Band: Wi-Fi 6E extends the capabilities and features of Wi-Fi 6 into the 6 GHz band to make use of a cleaner, less congested space.

Unlocking Faster Speeds

The Sophos AP6 Series includes the AP6 420E, AP6 840, AP6 840E, and the outdoor AP6 420X, all of which feature at least one 2.5 Gigabit interface for faster LAN connectivity. Combined with Sophos’ multi-Gigabit switches, which also support 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, organizations can unlock faster speeds across their entire network.

In addition, the AP6 420E and 840E, which support Wi-Fi 6E, utilize the 6 GHz band – a less congested space that offers high performance for the latest devices, making them ideal for organizations seeking the highest level of connectivity.

Seamless Remote Management

A key feature of Sophos Access Points is their seamless integration with the cloud-based Sophos Central platform, enabling administrators to control and manage all their Sophos solutions from a single intuitive interface. Additionally, an on-premises interface for on-AP settings provides full flexibility and ease of management.


The Sophos AP6 Series is available today. To learn more about Sophos Wireless and the AP6 Series, visit the website and contact your Sophos representative or partner today.

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