How Intercept X stops MegaCortex ransomware

This month, SophosLabs has been examining a new ransomware attack called MegaCortex that uses layers of automation, obfuscation, and a variety of other techniques to infect victims and spread throughout an environment without detection.

Fortunately for Sophos customers, Intercept X leverages multiple layers of defense to stop MegaCortex, including:

  • Blocking PsExec from executing the batch script remotely
  • Deep Learning to quarantine the malware before it executes
  • Tamper Protection to stop the attacker from disabling Sophos
  • CryptoGuard to identify the ransomware’s malicious encryption and roll back any impacted files

How it works

You can learn more about the attack and how Intercept X stops it in this short video:

[embedded content]

Learn more

For a technical analysis of MegaCortex, check out the SophosLabs Uncut article.

To find out more about Intercept X, visit the Sophos website, or sign up for a free trial.

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