Demo: Expose open RDP ports with Sophos EDR and Cloud Optix

Remote Desktop Protocol, better know as RDP, is a favorite weak point used by attackers looking for a way into victims’ networks. In fact, it’s so popular that a recent Sophos survey found that RDP was the method used to gain entry in almost 10% of ransomware attacks.

Despite the well-documented risks of RDP, organizations are often completely unaware that they have servers which are exposed to the internet and are listening for RDP authentications.

Fortunately, Sophos EDR with Cloud Optix visibility makes it easy to reduce your risk from devices that have open RDP connections. The demo below shows how Sophos Cloud Optix will notify you of any RDP exposure that is putting your organization at risk, while Sophos EDR lets you investigate potential incidents and remotely respond.

[embedded content]

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