Building a Use Policy For Generative AI

As one of the world’s leading cybersecurity vendors, we receive many requests to share guidance on cybersecurity best practices and policies that could help contribute to the greater good of helping organizations defend themselves against digital threats. By sharing Sophos’ own accumulated cybersecurity knowledge our goal is to help create a unified front in the battle against cyberattacks. 

While we anticipate sharing plenty of content over time, the first document we are sharing is guidance around building a Generative AI Use Policy. The rapid adoption of Generative AI holds great promise of innovations that create new opportunities for many organizations and individuals. It is also accompanied by risks; some of which are understood today and others that are emerging or yet to be discovered. As such, any organization developing new capabilities and content with Generative AI should have an appropriate Use Policy in place. A good policy can be become an organizational enabler, ensuring that promising new technologies such as GenAI are adopted safely. 

We are making this document available for any organization that can benefit from it. We have created a new location on the Sophos Trust Center that we have called “Cybersecurity Guidance” and you will find the framework for building a Generative AI Use Policy at this location. 

A deliberate and well-conceived Use Policy can help an organization promote innovation using Generative AI technology while managing risks and allowing for changes as the landscape develops. We believe transparency and the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and strategies help us all stay ahead of evolving threats, ultimately safeguarding sensitive data and the digital infrastructure we rely on. 

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