Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Share ESET researchers detail the modus operandi of LightNeuron, a Microsoft Exchange backdoor that leverages a previously unseen persistence mechanism ESET research uncovers LightNeuron, the first known malware that specifically targets Microsoft Exchange email servers. LightNeuron has two facets: spying on emails and acting as a full-feature backdoor. It is believed to be the work […]

Types of backup and five backup mistakes to avoid

What are the main types of backup operations and how can you avoid the sinking feeling that comes with the realization that you may not get your data back? As humanity’s use of all kinds of technology has grown, terms like backup are no longer unfamiliar to the majority of people. Of course, the concept […]

What Is The Cyber Security Digital Summit?

Sally Fletcher, Head of Online Events, offers the cyber security community a sneak peak into the Spring 2019 Cyber Security Digital Summit agenda. Focused on enterprise security, Cyber Security Hub will be hosting its third annual online Summit — a two-day event with live webinars featuring leading security practitioners. Free to attend, the event tackles […]

Turla LightNeuron: An email too far

ESET research uncovers Microsoft Exchange malware remotely controlled via steganographic PDF and JPG email attachments Due to security improvements in operating systems, rootkit usage has been in constant decline for several years. As such, malware developers – especially those working in espionage groups – have been busy developing new stealthy userland malware. Recently, ESET researchers […]

"MegaCortex" ransomware wants to be The One

Editor’s note, 8 May 2019: This is a quickly evolving story and, in order to remain accurate, we have removed some confusing data posted with the original story, below. We will be publishing an update as soon as possible. By Andrew Brandt A new ransomware that calls itself MegaCortex got a jolt of life on […]