Analyze suspicious files and URLs with the free SophosLabs Intelix portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of the SophosLabs Intelix portal, a web-based interface allowing anyone to submit suspicious threat artifacts for threat intelligence and classification. This free service is an excellent resource for individuals, researchers, and organizations looking to stay up to date with the latest cyber threats.

Intelix provides detailed, explainable, and proven threat intelligence, allowing people to make informed decisions. Submitted files and URLs undergo detailed threat analysis, including cloud lookups, static analysis, and dynamic analysis (cloud sandboxing).

From the rich reports generated, users can understand the verdict and the features and/or behaviors that led to the verdict.

The Intelix portal showcases the power of the SophosLabs detection technologies and the Sophos X-Ops threat intelligence platform used by Sophos products.

If you’re a registered Sophos customer, the Intelix Portal offers additional features. By signing in with your Sophos ID, you can access the results of all previous analyses for up to one year. You can also instantly escalate an analysis to Sophos Support or SophosLabs for human review of the verdict.

The SophosLabs Intelix portal is an excellent resource for staying informed about the latest cyber threats. Whether you’re a researcher, an individual, or a business, the portal provides a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Intelix is also available in the AWS Marketplace and for OEM use cases.

Try it out today or visit to learn more.

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