Amazon VPC More Specific Routing is now available for Sophos Firewall

When it comes to network security in the cloud, Amazon Web Services and Sophos can help you get specific. As a security team, you need efficient, sure-fire routes to analyze traffic flowing from one subnet to another inside your VPC.

That’s why we’re proud announce that you can now use the Amazon VPC More Specific Routing feature with Sophos Firewall on AWS. It gives you tight control over traffic flowing through your AWS cloud environments, protecting your valuable cloud workloads and data from cyberattacks.

Enhancing VPC security with AWS and Sophos

This new feature of Amazon VPC allows your security team to screen traffic between two subnets in a VPC, redirecting east-west traffic through third-party appliances such as Sophos Firewall.

This allows you to enhance VPC security with Sophos High Availability Firewalls by protecting Amazon EC2 instances and environments from known and emerging network threats, and maintaining web-application availability.

It also enables your team to save time deploying multiple network security products thanks to an all-in-one firewall solution that includes IPS, ATP, URL filtering, and WAF to block advanced threats and reduce the attack surface in line with AWS best practices.

Modernize cybersecurity procurement in AWS Marketplace

The good news is that Sophos Firewall High Availability is now available in AWS marketplace to help improve procurement processes to match the speed of cloud, all while maintaining governance.

And if your organization is looking to take the weight of cloud security off your shoulders, our new AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency-approved cybersecurity package is just for you. It combines a full stack of protections, including firewall, with dedicated Sophos Managed Security Partners to handle deployment, configuration, and 24/7 monitoring.

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