Week in security with Tony Anscombe


What to know before scanning a QR code – Has your phone been hacked? – Watch your back and keep shoulder surfers at bay

In this edition of Week in security, Tony looks at these topics:

What to know before scanning a QR code, as the widespread use of QR codes has also caught the attention of scammers who can misuse the codes to steal money and data.
The most common signs that your phone has been compromised by malware and how to remove the hackers from your phone.
Why low-tech attacks, such as shoulder surfing, are an actual threat and how to keep snoopers at bay.

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Think before you scan: How fraudsters can exploit QR codes to steal money
How to tell if your phone has been hacked
Shoulder surfing: Watch out for eagle‑eyed snoopers peeking at your phone 

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