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HermeticWiper takes aim at Ukraine – The climate solutions we need to transform society – Preventing kids from getting involved in cybercrime

In this edition of Week in security, Tony looks at these topics:

ESET’s discovery of a new data wiper that hit hundreds of computers across a number of organizations, with the attacks coming just hours after a fresh wave of DDoS attacks against important Ukrainian websites
As part of ESET’s launch of its new branding with the tagline, ‘Progress. Protected.’, marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson offered her thoughts about the climate solutions we need to transform society and our role in the transformation.
What if a teen turns out to be a hacker conducting illegal activity online, knowingly or not? We shared some guidance on how to prevent children from being dragged to the dark side and how to ensure their technology skills are a force for good.

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HermeticWiper: New data‑wiping malware hits Ukraine
Technology, Progress, and Climate
Teenage cybercrime: How to stop kids from taking the wrong path  

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