Valentine’s Day phishing scams: Love letters you shouldn’t open

Valentine’s Day is a day of wonder and joy for many couples around the world. Unfortunately, it’s also a special day for cybercriminals.

Thanks to the gift buying frenzy for that special someone, shoppers are on the hunt for bargain deals and may not have their guards fully raised.

Cybercriminals know this and craft phishing emails containing popular Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers, chocolates and jewelry.

Unsuspecting shoppers clicking on the links won’t be getting any bargains, though.

Instead, they may hand over personal information, trigger a malware download onto their device, or open a compromised attachment leading to a ransomware infection.

Others may find themselves on a website that appears to be a legitimate shopping site, but in reality is a facsimile that tricks them into handing over credit card details.
So, how can we help you keep your employees safe and sound this romantic weekend?

Start with a strong frontline defense – Sophos Email

Sophos Email excels at detecting and blocking phishing and other malicious emails. It:

  • uses a combination of SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication techniques, email header analysis, display name and lookalike domain analysis to identify and block malicious emails.
  • compares the display names of incoming emails and compares them against commonly abused brand names and VIPs (e.g. the CEO) within an organization to check for matches.
  • detects and blocks malicious website links and attachments in real-time.
  • allows for blocking, quarantining, and tagging of suspicious emails.

Don’t wait to be caught out, try it for free.

Add powerful endpoint protection – Sophos Intercept X

A layered approach to cybersecurity gives organizations the best security and multiple opportunities to stop threats.

Intercept X secures endpoints and servers from the latest cyberthreats using a variety of techniques. It:

  • detects and blocks ransomware, rolling back files to a safe state so there is minimal impact to business productivity.
  • utilizes deep learning technology to identify and stop threats even when they’ve never been seen before.
  • blocks exploit techniques such as weaponized Microsoft Office documents and memory-based, file-less attacks.

Harness the power of  Intercept X today, try it for free.

And, with Sophos Email and Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection working together, any compromised mailboxes in your organization that are sending out malicious emails (e.g. phishing, malware) are detected by Sophos Email, automatically isolated and cleaned up by Intercept X.

Take a look at it in action:

[embedded content]

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