Stay safe shopping online this holiday

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it’s becoming easier to kick up on the couch or at a coffee shop versus fighting the masses to do your holiday shopping. Before you checkout online, make sure you stay safe online with these tips.

  1. Create a strong password
    According to a study conducted by Google and the University of San Diego, hackers use a variety of ways to hack user accounts, including phishing, installing malware or by simply guessing the password.
  2. Use a secure network
    Tempting though it may be to hop on public Wi-Fi with your latte, public networks tend to be easier to steal confidential data. An ITV report states that during an ethical hacking experiment, a 7-year-old girl was able to access a stranger’s laptop in a matter of 10 minutes. Opt to use your mobile device’s network whenever you’re online in a public setting. 
  3. Opt to purchase with a credit card
    Credit cards tend to be a safer payment option over debit cards as it sets a monetary limit on what you are liable to pay in case your card is stolen, according to 
  4. Use antivirus software
    For complete protection, having a robust antivirus and antimalware system installed on your device is one of the best options to keep you safe online. Be sure you can authorize websites you frequently visit and set Web filtering and email spamming options for even better security.