Sophos’s top five tips for securing NHS organisations

In my role, I visit NHS sites across the UK on a daily basis and organisations are increasingly asking me how they can stay protected against today’s growing threats, including ransomware. Cyber security is now becoming a board-level issue and organisations are concerned with keeping systems functioning so that patient care can continue uninterrupted.

Next generation products can be added to your security armoury that will further enhance your defences. These include anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection, such as Sophos Intercept X at the endpoint and sandboxing such as Sophos Sandstorm at the gateway.

However, there are still many ways in which you can bolster the protection provided by your existing tools.

Here are our top five tips to put your company in a better position to remain protected and quickly react to any attack it faces:

1. Have an integrated security plan that does not stifle productivity

To fully understand your cyber threat and risk exposure, you should carry out a rigorous security review to identify risks, understand vulnerabilities and assess the impact of a cyber-attack. Only then can you create an integrated cyber security plan that incorporates technical, human and physical defences to deliver effective protection Read more

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