Sophos Sandstorm comes to XG Firewall

Sophos Sandstorm

Keeping intruders away from your network is an essential first line of defense. However, cybercriminals are constantly updating and refining their methods of attack, using unknown malware to evade conventional protection.

This means organizations need additional tools, working with traditional anti-malware protection, to strengthen their defenses against unknown threats.

For many companies though, these technologies are too costly and require extra security expertise to implement and monitor them.

That’s why we’re bringing the optional next-gen sandbox capabilities of Sophos Sandstorm to XG Firewall 16.5. Instantly providing another layer of detection and advanced protection against ransomware and targeted attacks, Sandstorm blocks evasive threats — sending them to its cloud-sandbox to be detonated and observed in a safe environment. Threat intelligence is fed back to the Sophos solution and the files are blocked or permitted.

The solution is simple to deploy and maintain, but also affordable so that all businesses can have access to powerful threat intelligence.

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