Sophos grows anti-malware ensemble with Invincea


I am so excited to announce our acquisition of Invincea, a next-generation endpoint security company founded by Dr. Anup Ghosh in 2009.

One may ask, if you already have great next-generation technology, why do you need Invincea’s technology?

There’s an “Avengers” analogy to be had here: It’s great to have a group of heroes around to defend the world. But it’s much better to add another hero to the ensemble.

Think of Invincea as the superhero that takes our ensemble to the next level – the entity that adds neural network-based machine learning to the team.

The path to Invincea: Endpoint Protection and Intercept X

In recent years Sophos has worked to reduce our reliance on signatures, moving from traditional antivirus to next-generation advanced malware detection and prevention with technologies like behavioral detections, malicious traffic detections, emulation, and security heartbeat. As a result, only a tiny fraction of the detections in Sophos Endpoint Protection are signature-based.

Because of our ensemble of next-generation technology, we have been able to keep malware detection rates high and false positives low. For years, the security market has focused on scanning executables for anti-malware, but now we see a growing number of data breaches occur due to exploits. As a result, Read more

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