SC Labs awards XG Firewall five stars

SC Media recently reviewed XG Firewall and awarded it their top 5-star rating across all areas including features, documentation, performance, support, ease of use, and value.

In the course of the review, they highlighted many of XG Firewall’s advantages over competing firewall products.

The SC Labs Review team examined key areas of the product including the Control Center and reporting capabilities, noting:

At a glance visibility shows traffic light style indicators of hidden risk on the network such as top risk users, suspicious payloads, endpoint health, advanced threats, network attacks and more.

They also highlighted the important threat visibility, protection and response benefits that Security Heartbeat provides:

Administrators do not need to do anything to automatically isolate threats as a result of the dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection coordinated with the endpoints.

The reviewers also noted the importance of Synchronized Application Control:

Integrating the endpoint with the firewall also allows for the identification of applications that would not otherwise be identified.

They also noted many of our unique XG Series appliance benefits:

Hardware advantages include flexible connectivity, business continuity and easy management, high performance solid-state storage on every model.

Overall, the SC Labs review team was super impressed with the product’s many visibility, protection, and response benefits.

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