Say Yes to the OS: How to secure any device, anywhere

Last year, an astounding 51% of organizations were hit by ransomware, with attackers succeeding in encrypting data in 73% of attacks*.

When you consider that a single full-scale attack can set the average business back by nearly $755,000 (USD)*, it’s clear that protecting all your devices and operating systems is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must-have’.

Securing all the devices and platforms people use is also a key pillar in enabling secure remote working— desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Protecting all your devices with Sophos

Sophos Intercept X gives you world-leading protection for your endpoints, servers and mobile devices. It uses multiple layers of technology to stop attackers at multiple points in the kill chain:

Anti-ransomware stops unauthorized encryption, rolling files back to their safe states.

Deep learning AI, developed by Sophos’ AI experts, blocks both known and never-before-seen malware with an incredibly low false-positive rate.

Anti-exploit technology stops exploits, active adversary techniques, and fileless and script-based attacks.

Foundational, signature-based technology stops known threats.

Whatever devices and platforms you use, Intercept X has got you covered:

  • Intercept X endpoint secures desktops running Windows and macOS
  • Intercept X for Server secures on-prem and cloud-based servers running Windows or Linux
  • Intercept X also secures virtual desktops which are susceptible to the same threats as physical laptops.
  • And Intercept X for Mobile secures mobile devices running Android, iOS and Chromebook.

Stop human-led attacks with human led-threat hunting

The most devastating cyber threats usually involve human-led attacks, often exploiting legitimate tools and processes such as PowerShell.

Hands-on live hacking enables attackers to bypass security products and protocols by modifying their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) on the fly.

Stopping these human-led attacks requires human-led threat hunting.

Hunt down threats with Sophos EDR

Intercept X with EDR — Endpoint Detection and Response — give you the tools to carry out your own threat hunts from the same Sophos console you use to manage your endpoint and server protection.

It’s the first EDR designed for security analysts and IT administrators, so you can add expertise, not headcount.

Hunt for threats with Sophos EDR

Plus, in addition to enabling you to investigate suspicious signals and threats, Intercept X EDR also helps you improve your IT hygiene and identify configuration issues that leave you exposed.  Common use cases include:

  • Identify signs of attempted breaches
  • Investigate phishing attacks
  • Fix issues with Chrome running slowly
  • Manage software compliance and licensing usage

Enlist Sophos’ expert threat hunters

If you don’t have the time, capacity, or skills to do threat hunting yourself, the Sophos Managed Threat Response service is here to help.

Our team of experts provide 24/7 detection and response capabilities delivered as a fully-managed service. They proactively hunt for and validate potential threats — and stop incidences before they cause harm.

Securing devices without compromising privacy

When it comes to securing your workforce, there’s one final consideration: employee-owned devices, aka BYOD. As an IT team, you want to manage and secure both company-owned and personal devices without compromising users’ privacy.

Sophos Mobile is a unified endpoint management solution that integrates natively with Sophos Intercept X and supports management of Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

It lets you secure any combination of personal and corporate-owned devices with minimal effort and is ideal for BYOD scenarios.

Securing the anywhere organization

To learn more about how Sophos can help you enable users to work securely on any device from any location, read our solution brief Securing the Anywhere Organization.

Coming next in our 5-part blog series: Cloud? On prem? Hybrid? Protect your resources wherever they’re held.

*The State of Ransomware 2020, Sophos

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