Sophos Central Server Protection


Essential Endpoint Security for users’ devices. Leverages prevention, detection, and response technology to stop malware. Instead of Endpoint security that blocks malware on all of your devices.

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Product Description

Includes choice of:

Windows Server Agent: Anti-malware, Live Protection, Malicious Traffic Detection, Behaviour Analysis/HIPS, File Integrity Monitoring, Web Security, Download Reputation, Web Control, Peripheral Control, Application Control, Data Loss Prevention, Windows Firewall Control, Synchronized Security, Malware Removal, Automatic Scanning Exclusions, AWS/Azure Cloud Workload Discovery

Linux Server Agent: Anti-malware, Live Protection, Malicious Traffic Detection, Synchronized Security, AWS/Azure Cloud Workload Discovery

Sophos for Virtual Environments (Alternative to full Server Agent): For Windows Servers on VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V, a light guest VM agent off-loads malware scanning to a centralized Security VM. Anti-malware, Live Protection, Malware Removal.

Note: Full Server Agent and Sophos for Virtual Environments light agent cannot be deployed on the same server

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  1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
1 – 9 Servers 87.25 131 174.75
10-24 Servers 67.25 101 134.75