Central Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR – Business

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Award-winning Mobile Threat Defense for Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Chromebook with Device, Network, and App Security. Centralized deployment, configuration, and reporting. Integrates with Sophos Mobile UEM or third party EMM solutions.

Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced is a next-generation endpoint protection solution offered by Sophos, a leading cybersecurity company. It is designed to protect organizations from a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, exploits, and other advanced cyberattacks. Intercept X Advanced combines multiple cutting-edge technologies to deliver comprehensive protection and is managed through the Sophos Central cloud-based platform.

Key features of Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced include:

  1. Deep Learning Technology: Intercept X Advanced leverages deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, to identify and block both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures. This technology allows for higher detection rates and fewer false positives.
  2. Exploit Prevention: The solution includes advanced exploit prevention techniques to protect endpoints from being compromised by various exploit-driven attacks. These techniques help defend against memory corruption attacks, application exploits, and other vulnerability-based attacks.
  3. Ransomware Protection: Intercept X Advanced offers CryptoGuard technology, which detects and stops ransomware attacks in real-time. It also provides automatic file recovery, allowing organizations to quickly restore encrypted files without paying a ransom.
  4. Active Adversary Protection: The solution includes features like Credential Theft Protection and Code Cave Utilization Detection to prevent attackers from leveraging tools and techniques commonly used in targeted attacks.
  5. Root Cause Analysis: Intercept X Advanced provides root cause analysis capabilities, which help administrators understand how an attack occurred, visualize the attack chain, and identify the steps needed to remediate and prevent future attacks.
  6. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Intercept X Advanced with EDR enables security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents, providing a powerful tool for threat hunting and incident response.
  7. Sophos Clean: This feature helps to remove any traces of malware, including registry keys, residual files, and other remnants, ensuring complete removal and system restoration.
  8. Centralized Management: The Sophos Central cloud-based platform provides a single pane of glass for managing Intercept X Advanced, along with other Sophos security solutions. Administrators can easily configure policies, monitor threats, and generate reports through the intuitive interface.


By utilizing a layered approach to endpoint security, Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced helps organizations protect their endpoints from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, reducing the risk of successful attacks and minimizing the impact of security incidents.


MSP Terms

The MSP monthly option includes the following benefits:

  • No Contract
    • The monthly MSP option allows for complete freedom, never locking you into a long term contract.
  • 60-Day Termination Notice
    • All products can be terminated within 60 days upon email notification of termination from the customer.
  • Auto Bill Pay
    • Monthly payment automatically billed every month on start date
  • Pay for use
    • Pay for use is calculated monthly
    • For example: If you use 5 licenses in month 3, then you will be billed for 5 licenses. If you use 8 licenses in month 4, then you will be billed for 8 licenses.