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Central Firewall Integration Pack

Sophos Central Firewall Integration Packs are add-ons to the Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that allow the collection of security data from non-Sophos products. These integration packs expand visibility to detect and respond to more threats faster. The Firewall Integration Pack specifically includes support for a range of third-party firewalls.

By integrating with Sophos Central, the Firewall Integration Pack enables the firewall to work in real-time with Sophos Central and Intercept X, the world’s best cybersecurity system. This integration provides several benefits, including:

1. Expanded Threat Detection and Response: With each additional data source, analysts gain a better understanding of suspicious activity taking place beyond the endpoint. The Firewall Integration Pack allows for the collection of security data from non-Sophos firewalls, enhancing the overall threat detection and response capabilities.

2. Health Monitoring and Threat Notification: Sophos Firewall and Intercept X continuously share health information over Security Heartbeat, providing real-time monitoring of the network’s health. Any active threats are instantly notified, allowing for immediate response.

3. Automatic Threat Isolation: When either Sophos Firewall or Intercept X identifies a threat, they work together to provide an automatic response. This includes the implementation of dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection to isolate compromised hosts and prevent the spread of threats, hacker communication, and data loss.

4. Application Visibility and Control: Intercept X shares networked application information with Sophos Firewall, enabling 100% application visibility. This integration allows for the identification, control, and SD-WAN routing of important business applications while blocking unwanted apps.

It’s important to note that to use the Sophos Central Firewall Integration Pack, a license pack for the integration category, in this case, Firewall, is required.


MSP Terms

The MSP monthly option includes the following benefits:

  • No Contract
    • The monthly MSP option allows for complete freedom, never locking you into a long term contract.
  • 60-Day Termination Notice
    • All products can be terminated within 60 days upon email notification of termination from the customer.
  • Auto Bill Pay
    • Monthly payment automatically billed every month on start date
  • Pay for use
    • Pay for use is calculated monthly
    • For example: If you use 5 licenses in month 3, then you will be billed for 5 licenses. If you use 8 licenses in month 4, then you will be billed for 8 licenses.