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Sophos Central Email Advanced is a cloud-based email security solution offered by Sophos, a leading cybersecurity company. It is designed to protect organizations from various email-borne threats, including spam, phishing, malware, ransomware, and other targeted attacks. Sophos Central Email Advanced integrates with existing email infrastructure and leverages advanced technologies to provide comprehensive protection.

Key features of Sophos Central Email Advanced include:

  1. Advanced Threat Protection: Sophos Central Email Advanced utilizes advanced machine learning, heuristics, and real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs to identify and block malicious content, including zero-day threats, in inbound and outbound emails.
  2. Anti-spam and anti-phishing: The solution’s anti-spam engine employs advanced filtering techniques to detect and block spam and phishing emails, reducing the risk of employees falling victim to these attacks.
  3. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Sophos Central Email Advanced includes customizable data loss prevention policies to prevent sensitive information from being accidentally or maliciously transmitted via email, helping organizations maintain compliance with data protection regulations.
  4. Email Encryption: The platform provides email encryption options, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Sophos Secure Email, to protect sensitive information in transit.
  5. Impersonation Protection: Sophos Central Email Advanced uses artificial intelligence to detect email impersonation attacks, helping to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems.
  6. Time-of-Click URL Protection: The solution scans URLs in email messages for malicious content, blocking access to compromised websites when users click on links, even if the threat was not present when the email was initially scanned.
  7. Email Continuity: In the event of an email server outage, Sophos Central Email Advanced offers email continuity, allowing users to continue sending and receiving emails through a web portal.
  8. Centralized Management: The Sophos Central cloud-based platform provides a single pane of glass for managing email security, along with other Sophos security solutions. Administrators can easily configure policies, monitor threats, and generate reports through the intuitive interface.
  9. Seamless Integration: Sophos Central Email Advanced is compatible with various email platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Exchange, and others, ensuring seamless integration with your existing email infrastructure.

By employing a multi-layered approach to email security, Sophos Central Email Advanced helps organizations safeguard their sensitive data and protect their users from the ever-evolving landscape of email-borne threats.

Includes: Cloud email security and advanced threat protection. Featuring cloud sandboxing and advanced URL protection to block known and unknown malware and applications. Combined with inbound and outbound email scanning, multi-policy support (user, group and domain), and inbound SPF, DKIM and DMARC to authenticate senders and block spam and phishing attacks.

MSP Terms

The MSP monthly option includes the following benefits:

  • No Contract
    • The monthly MSP option allows for complete freedom, never locking you into a long term contract.
  • 60-Day Termination Notice
    • All products can be terminated within 60 days upon email notification of termination from the customer.
  • Auto Bill Pay
    • Monthly payment automatically billed every month on start date
  • Pay for use
    • Pay for use is calculated monthly
    • For example: If you use 5 licenses in month 3, then you will be billed for 5 licenses. If you use 8 licenses in month 4, then you will be billed for 8 licenses.