Moving beyond EMET, Part 2

Microsoft has now mapped out the future for the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) in part one and it looks pretty bleak. The advice given to EMET users was also a little vague: Upgrade to Windows 10. It’s a more secure operating system.

Although that’s true, it doesn’t cover everything that EMET does for you. Over on the CERT/CC blog, Will Dormand provides an excellent post about why Windows 10 can’t protect insecure applications like EMET can. The table seen in Dormand’s post highlights the protection available with and without EMET on Windows 7 and Windows 10. As you’ll see, Windows without EMET looks a little risky.

However, we thought we’d build upon the table in Dormad’s post by adding Sophos Intercept X to the mix.


Intercept X includes many additional exploit technique mitigations that protect your applications. The software radar in Intercept X detects browser, audio, Office and PDF applications, automatically applying protection to those programs without needing any additional configuration.

Learn more about the exploit mitigation techniques in Intercept X.

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