Leveling up? Check out these programs

I don’t have a degree in anything and haven’t had a formal certification in ages. However, I do spend thousands of dollars per year on leveling up.

I want to share the best investments I’ve made toward my growth. Maybe it can help you too.


AltMBA is a business leadership course at the speed of light.

This 4-week course was one of the hardest things I’ve done. From reading about ten books the two weeks leading up to the class to doing real work 5-6 hours per day (on top of my day job).

This course stretched me and gave me additional mental models and ways of approaching problems.

I have sent and will continue to send my employees to this course when I expect them to fill (now or later) a leadership position.

Story Skills Workshop

Storytelling is critical for everyone.

Whether you’re a retail worker or the CEO of a trillion-dollar company, being able to tell stories effectively is critical to getting other people to buy into you, your promotion, your job, your products, your ambitions, and your vision.

Building a Second Brain

A powerhouse course for any knowledge worker.

For most of my professional life, the way I capture, organize, and distill my knowledge has been a hot mess. I’ve dabbled in it all, from getting things done (GTD) to Zettlekasten. Build a Second Brain is a masterclass in developing a note-taking system that feels more like creating a Google Search for your precise brain. I captured a significant return on investment within a couple of weeks of starting the course.

A Note on Cohort Based Courses (CBCs)

I find cohort-based courses (CBCs) are my preferred way of learning because of the people. You benefit from not just the material but from your classmates. I’ve made countless friends and professional contacts through these courses, which has been pure gold.

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