Intercept X for Mobile aces Miercom’s MTD Industry Assessment

Hot on the heels of the Intercept X for Mobile announcement, we’re delighted to share news of excellent 3rd party test results.

Sophos was rated a top performer in Miercom’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Industry Assessment.

Independent test organization Miercom conducted a study into leading mobile security solutions, measuring protection capabilities and cost of ownership. Sophos aced both categories, demonstrating superb protection against zero-day malware and advanced attacks.

Miercom CEO Robert Smithers said of the product:

Sophos Mobile proved superior efficacy and a QoE (Quality of Experience) score of 87 percent, 12 percent higher than other products evaluated. This score reflects its ability to detect malware, network threats and device vulnerabilities, while providing appropriate and easy to use interfaces for immediate visibility, control and remediation. Considering it is one of the most affordable solutions for MTD products, Sophos provides an impressive defense that will protect enterprise BYOD networks.

Mobile devices are sometimes overlooked as an attack surface, but they remain a critical threat vector. Along with the risk of malicious apps, data stored on devices can be compromised through phishing emails or man-in-the-middle network attacks.

Intercept X for Mobile provides powerful device, app and network security. Managed through Sophos Central, you can protect Android and iOS devices right alongside your Windows and macOS clients. Find out more, and sign up for a free trial.

For more details look at Miercom’s full Mobile Threat Defense Industry Assessment.

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