How Intercept X Advanced can help you avoid becoming a ransomware victim

Tourists aren’t the only ones looking at Florida this summer. As the Sunshine State ramps up to greet a flock of vacationers, it’s also facing some far less welcome visitors.

Over the last few weeks, cybercriminals have targeted Florida with advanced ransomware attacks requesting heavy payments in return for restoring data. In one example, the city of Riviera Beach agreed to pay over $600,000 in ransom after its systems were crippled.

Of course, ransomware attacks aren’t limited to Florida and are now commonplace across the globe as cybercriminals continue to evolve their techniques.

How to avoid becoming the next ransomware victim

Sophos Intercept X Advanced gives you the world’s best protection against ransomware. And you can protect your organization for free, for 30 days.

It includes multiple layers of security that deliver unparalleled protection against sophisticated, advanced attacks.

  • CryptoGuard technology stops the unauthorized encryption of files by ransomware, rolling any impacted files back to their original state. It’s the ultimate ransomware killer.
  • Anti-exploit protection prevents ransomware from using vulnerabilities in software products to infiltrate and spread through organizations.
  • The powerful Deep Learning engine uses cutting-edge machine learning to identifiy and block never-before-seen ransomware before it executes.

Watch Intercept X in action against MegaCortex ransomware

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Try it yourself

Intercept X uses multiple techniques to defend against ransomware, instantly elevating your defenses. Download and get started today.

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