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Patch Tuesday squashes 89 bugs-including a SophosLabs find

June’s Patch Tuesday release from Microsoft consists of 89 fixes for security bugs in Windows and other Microsoft products, with 20 of them classified as critical by the software company. Included among these most serious bugs fixed today is a remote code execution vulnerability with the tracking handle CVE-2019-0888, which was reported to Microsoft by […]

BlueKeep: le best practice del firewall

CVE-2019-07-08, soprannominato BlueKeep, e una vulnerabilita critica nell’esecuzione di codice in modalita remota nei Remote Desktop Services di Windows. Il bug e considerato ‘wormable’ e cosi grave che Microsoft ha fatto il passo molto insolito di includere patch per Windows XP e Windows Server 2003 non supportati nel suo Patch Tuesday di Maggio, insieme ad […]

Cyberattack exposes travelers’ photos, says US border agency

The images, collected over one and a half months, were taken as the travelers crossed an unspecified border point The United States’ Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced that a security incident at one of its subcontractors has compromised the photos of thousands of travelers entering and departing the country. In addition to the […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Share ESET research shows how Wajam has evolved into an adware operation that keeps coming up with new tricks in order to evade detection ESET researchers release a deep-dive analysis of how Wajam has become an adware-spewing operation that keeps changing its techniques in order to avoid detection. The United States’ National Security Agency issues […]

Synchronized Security awarded Best Threat Intelligence Technology

Cybersecurity isn’t getting any easier. To better understand the day-to-day reality for IT teams we recently commissioned a survey of 3,100 IT managers in 12 countries. This independent, vendor-agnostic study revealed a number of common challenges: Security: 68% of organizations had experienced a threat that got through their defenses in the last year, 90% of […]