How Intercept X stops MegaCortex ransomware

This month, SophosLabs has been examining a new ransomware attack called MegaCortex that uses layers of automation, obfuscation, and a variety of other techniques to infect victims and spread throughout an environment without detection. Fortunately for Sophos customers, Intercept X leverages multiple layers of defense to stop MegaCortex, including: Blocking PsExec from executing the batch […]

Plead malware distributed via MitM attacks at router level, misusing ASUS WebStorage

ESET researchers have discovered that the attackers have been distributing the Plead malware via compromised routers and man-in-the-middle attacks against the legitimate ASUS WebStorage software In July 2018 we discovered that the Plead backdoor was digitally signed by a code-signing certificate that was issued to D-Link Corporation. Recently we detected a new activity involving the […]

SC Labs awards XG Firewall five stars

SC Media recently reviewed XG Firewall and awarded it their top 5-star rating across all areas including features, documentation, performance, support, ease of use, and value. In the course of the review, they highlighted many of XG Firewall’s advantages over competing firewall products. The SC Labs Review team examined key areas of the product including […]

Verizon’s data breach report: What the numbers say

What are some of the most interesting takeaways from Verizon’s latest annual security report? Data breach, yawn. Those two little words that occur so frequently in the media and will have you switching off. Last week, Verizon released their 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) which provides valuable insight spanning across 86 countries and 41,686 […]

MegaCortex, deconstructed: mysteries mount as analysis continues

By Andrew Brandt It’s been a week since we published our initial research on the ransomware calling itself MegaCortex. Our initial post was written over about a day and a half, as we started to observe an early outbreak on May 1. We have a lot of new information to share today. We know our […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Share ESET researchers detail the modus operandi of LightNeuron, a Microsoft Exchange backdoor that leverages a previously unseen persistence mechanism ESET research uncovers LightNeuron, the first known malware that specifically targets Microsoft Exchange email servers. LightNeuron has two facets: spying on emails and acting as a full-feature backdoor. It is believed to be the work […]