Antimalware Day 2019: Building a culture of cybersecurity awareness

The introduction to a series of articles marking this year’s Antimalware Day and highlighting the importance of cyber-readiness

First off, why Antimalware Day? How did it come to be? A brief trip into recent history will help answer these questions. On this very day 36 years ago, Fred Cohen, then a graduate student, created a proof-of-concept computer program that was capable of spreading to all users of the system and obtaining control of its data and privileges. Professor Leonard Adleman, who was Cohen’s Ph.D. advisor, decided to call that code “computer virus”. As part of their work, Cohen wrote a paper in 1984 that became the first research paper to use the term “computer virus”.

Fast forward to 2017 and ESET declares November 3 as Antimalware Day in order to recognize the work of the two computer scientists, who laid the groundwork for research into computer threats.

But let’s go back to the present and, indeed, near future. In our technology-driven, always-on world, nobody can afford to overlook the importance of cybersecurity. With that in mind, in order to mark this year’s Antimalware Day, we’ll publish a series of articles in November that will share the same recurring theme – cybersecurity education and awareness.

Firstly, we’ll suggest a few practical steps that organizations can take to help ensure that their employees are cyber-ready. After all, it is well documented that many breaches are enabled by human error, indeed a worrying find.

Also this month, we will interview cybersecurity experts to hear what they have to say about the availability of training and certification for people interested in pursuing a career in information security.

Yet another article will bring up questions such as, ‘should computer security be a compulsory subject in schools?’ and ‘how cyber-prepared (or not) is our society?’.

Lastly, we will direct our focus at senior citizens, who didn’t grow up with the technologies we can’t live without today. How can the elderly be made more cyber-aware? How can their children and grandchildren help them stay safe and secure in the digital age? For answers to these and many more questions, check out our upcoming series of articles celebrating Antimalware Day.

We hope this date will help reinforce the importance of antimalware in a world where computers can now fit into our hands. Today is a day that we invite you to become part of this initiative and help spread its message.

Happy Antimalware Day!

3 Nov 2019 – 02:30PM

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