An interview with our new CIO Tony Young


We recently announced the appointment of Tony Young as Global CIO of Sophos.

In his new role, Tony will be responsible for the strategy, security and management of the global IT organization at Sophos.

We met with Tony to say hello, and find out a bit more about him…

Welcome to Sophos Tony! What attracted you to the role of the first ever CIO of Sophos?

Thanks, I’m very excited to be here!

There were a few reasons that I was attracted to working at Sophos. First of all, I love high-tech. I’ve spent most of my working life in the industry and it’s a great place to be. I came to Sophos from GoPro where I was CIO, and working in a consumer business reinforced my excitement for our industry.

When I told people I was off to work for a security company, they asked me why. I explained that I had noticed how fractured many vendors in the security space are. A customer has to buy multiple products and then figure out how to stitch them all together. Everything is separate and you need an army of security professionals to enable and maintain any sort of security when faced with that fragmented approach. Read more

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