6 ways Sophos Home can keep your kids safe this school year!

In many parts of the world right now we are right in the middle of back-to-school season. Kids are getting excited to see their friends again and head back to the classroom, and are preparing for the best possible experience in school this year.

But what about at home? With so much of a child’s social life, homework and playtime happening online nowadays, you want to make sure their experience on the internet is as safe and fun as possible.

We have a number of tips that your kids can use to be safer online and on social media. But no matter how careful or internet-savvy your kids might be, criminals are always coming up with new ways to cause problems and find their way into your home computers.

Thankfully, Sophos Home can help. It brings our commercial-grade security straight to your home computers, completely for free. And, it’s just been given a great rating by Tom’s Guide!

Here are 6 ways Sophos Home can protect your kids this school year:

  1. Web filtering: Sophos Home offers 28 web filter options, giving you the ability to allow, warn, or block entire categories of websites from your children’s computers. Categories range from blogs and Read more

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